Mercury’s Response to COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has rapidly shifted the way we live. Shelter-in-place orders are in full effect, impacting people financially and also reducing the amount of drivers on the road. For these reasons, Mercury will be giving 15% of monthly premiums back to its customers in April and May 2020. 

Once Mercury receives word from the Department of Insurance, clients will be notified about the process for receiving their refunds. 

Due to the premium reductions that are occurring in April and May, mid-term mileage changes will be suspended unless there’s an additional vehicle policy change. This is being done to provide immediate relief to Mercury customers while reducing the need for insurance agents to make changes to the policy. 

During these uncertain times, Mercury will be working to support customers and provide relief however possible. To learn more about Mercury’s response to COVID-19, contact Kelly Williams Insurance today

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