Why Buy Renters Insurance in Signal Hill

One of the most underappreciated insurance policies is renters insurance. Renters insurance covers your belongings in case of theft or damage. While over 95% of homeowners have homeowners insurance, only 40% of renters have renters insurance. If you care about your possessions, it makes sense to strongly consider renters insurance. 

Your landlord’s property insurance won’t cover your belongings, only the structure of the home. Depending on the policy, renters insurance may cover damages caused by fire, water, smoke, lightning, theft, and vandalism. 

Renters insurance covers hotel costs in the event of a disaster. If a disaster make’s your home uninhabitable, you may be forced to spend time at a hotel. A renters insurance policy will cover hotel costs, so you won’t be forced to come out of pocket. 

Renters insurance covers legal costs if you’re sued. If someone gets injured at your property, the renters insurance policy will cover your legal costs and court awards up to the policy limit. The policy limit will vary, but most are around $100,000. 

Renters insurance is typically not expensive. While there are many variables that can affect your policy, the average yearly premium for renters insurance in California is $182. 

Renters insurance can protect your belongings, cover your hotel costs when you have a claim, and offer legal costs if necessary. Contact Kelly Williams Insurance to review your options for renters insurance in Signal Hill. 

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