Why Renter’s Insurance Makes Sense

95% of homeowners have homeowners insurance, but only 41% of renters have renters insurance. The truth is that renters insurance is criminally overlooked, and it can protect you in the event of an unplanned event or situation. 

Many people don’t really know how renters insurance can help. Renters insurance covers the items in your apartment from damage and loss. This means if a fire broke out and destroyed your furniture, you’re covered for that loss. If a thief snuck into your home and stole your television, that’s covered. If a pipe bursts and water damages your wardrobe, you’re covered. These are examples, but if something happens and you have insurance, all you’ll need to do is file a claim. 

Certain policies also have additional living expenses coverage. If something occurs that forces you to stay out of the apartment (like a natural disaster, or a major water leak in the building), you will have your hotel expenses paid. 

Things happen unexpectedly. And for the same reason that you have health insurance or car insurance, you need renters insurance to protect you in case of an unexpected event. 

Kelly Williams Insurance can help you choose the right renters insurance policy in Southern California. There are different types of policies that offer various levels of coverage, and our team of agents can help you choose the plan that best fits your needs. Contact us today to learn more about your renters insurance options. 

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